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Dear Brother,
Glory to be the holy name of the Lord. Our company was closed nearly six months. We were wondering whether it would reopen or not. In such a situation. I got this new book called "A Thousand Praise Offerings". I offered thousand praises to God. Within five days the Lord made the company to reopen. I am a convert from a Hindu family many a times the Lord gave me wonderful visions while I was reading this book. I feel the Lord is speaking to me through every word of this book. Whenever I utter the Last Praise of the thousand praises, I am encouraged about my Lord's coming and it helps me to be prepared and be prayerful always for His coming.
Sr. Sheela
Dear Pastor,
A wrist watch, a gold chain of about four sovereign and a few sarees of mine were stolen by somebody. With tears I praised God using this book three nights. On the fourthday we found the stolen things thrown on the ground in front of my house. I thank and Praise the Lord for this miracle
Sr. Padma E. Tambaram
Dear Pastor,
Glory to ELShaddai, the Lord Almighty! He has given us through the hand of His able and faithful minister Pastor Wycliff David a thousand choice pieces of "His Word" in the book 'A Thousand Praise Offerings'. My daughter and I praised the Lord continuously using thousand praises. Glory to God! My grand daughter got a job in the State Bank before she could barely complete her B.Sc., Maths examination. My daughter use this book to praise God as she travels in the bus to the office. One day, unexpectedly she was confronted by a magician who was sent to harm her. As she looked at him, he turned pale and weak. Visibly trembling before her, he quickly alighted in the very next bus stop. God dwells in the midst of His praises. His holy name be praised.
Sr. Gemma Evangeline
Dear Pastor,
I find the 1000 Praises booklet to be untold wealth in my life. I find immense joy in reciting the praises as often as possible. Being a believer who is so dependent on these praises, I feel it is a part of me, without which I am incomplete. I find relief, joy and happiness each moment with the Lord. My life is intermingled with these praises that I cannot eat or sleep without saying them. In short these praises are like breath to me.
Sr. Shanthy Jacob Chennai
Dear Pastor,
The Lord healed my son from Asthma when we offered "A Thousand Praises" to the Lord using this book. Also He delivered us from problems and from the bonds of satan. We are strengthened in our spiritual life also.
Sr. Ponnamma
Dear Pastor,
I prayed to God in the hospital during my first delivery that I should get Labour pain as soon as I finish praising the thousand praises. Praise God. It so happened that as soon as I finished the 1000 Praises I got Labour pain and I gave birth to a beautiful male child.
Sr. T. Jeya JohnJawathu Hills
Dear Pastor,
By offering praises to God through your book I received two good things. I praised the name of god "Jehova Hoseenu" sincerely with faith. God gave a male child to my daughter when every body told she would get a female baby. There was a white mark on the lips of my third daughter. I praised God saying Jehova Ropheca-You are the healer. God healed my daughter. Praise the Lord.
Sr. Mary Idaya DasanChennai
Dear Pastor,
Your book on praises has done a lot of good to me. I read it as a conversation with God. I use it to praise God as well as to pray to God.
Bro. Bobby JacobChennai
Dear Uncle,
This is my testimony that as I glorify God by offering 1000 praises, God glorifies me.
Sr. T. Suganthi
Dear Pastor,
My father was bitten by a snake. At once I praised the Lord using the book on Praises. As soon I finished praising my father was relieved out of poison. Also my uncle was arrested by the police for a simple problem. I praised the Lord using the book seven times. He was released at once the same day.
Sr. Fatima VijayalakshmiDevikulam
Dear Pastor,
My mother was suffering from severe pain in her body. We kept the book "A thousand praise offerings" on her body and praised the Lord. The pain left her body. Praise to be to His name.
Sr. Evangelen SuganthaKanyakumari
Dear Pastor,
I received your book through somebody. As I started reading I felt immense joy in my heart. As a result of praising God, my brother who was not interested in marriage finally accepted to marry and he got married. Glory to God.
Sr. Bhavana Karaikudi
Dear Pastor
My son aged ten was suffering from severe stomach pain. We went to the doctor and gave him medicines. But the pain did not go. He had been operated some time back. So we were worried. My sister gave my son a book called 'A Thousand Praise offerings' and asked him to read it. With pain he was reading and praising God. Slowly the pain receded. All praises to the Lord.
Sr. JesupathamMugappair- Chennai
Dear Pastor,
I received a great miralce in my life through you book. God helped us to sell a land which was not sold for a long time and helped us to by an own home. I have come to know the names of our Lord and its meaning. Also the Lord helped me to cling on the promises of our Lord and claim them. Glory to God.
Sr. Freeda Jackson Chennai
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