Church Planting

Our first village church was planted in a village called PADUVANCHERY. It was handedover to the Servant of God who was incharge of that church. Read more

Pryer Oil Ministry

The Lord is doing many miracles through this Prayer Oil Ministry. People are being healed from their sickness when they use this oil with faith. Read more

Book Ministry

The spirit of God urged me in my heart to write 1000 Praises. The Lord revealed how our forefathers praised Him and magnified Him. Read more

Ithai Ministry

Ithai, a Hebrew word which means "with me is YAHWEH".It is a God given name. This signifies the fact of having the Lord with us at all times. Read more


Dear Pastor in Christ,

My son Xavier met with an accident and was in coma stage in the hospital.I and my family members fasted and praised God one after another using your book 'A thousand praise offerings'.On the fifth day he opened his eyes. He was brought to the normal ward on the 13th day.On the 18th day he became conscious.His broken leg was operated on the 20th day.He was discharged from the hospital on the 30th day. Now he is studying in the college.All these miracles we received from God by offering praises to Him.Glory to God.

Sr.Arul Rani - Madurai-Tamil Nadu
Dear Pastor,

As I got a temporary job in Palakadu, I had to leave my family and go to Palakadu. During holidays, I used to go to the house at kollam where my husband, my children and my mother in-law stayed. When I stayed there my mother-in-law and sister-in-law used to torture me. Soon they created difference of opinion betwen me and my husband.So there was quarrel between all of us.I lost my peace.Finally I resigned my job.I was very much worried about my future life.I shared my problem to my sister at Trichy.She sent me your book and advised me to praise God through that book. I started praising God.My mother-in-law and sister-in-law became silent and the difference of openion between me and my husband was cleared. I and my husband became peaceful.God gave me my father's house and so as a family we shifted to our new house.Now I with my husband and children are living happily and peacefully.Praise the Lord.

Sr.Hanna - Kollam-Kerala
Dear Sir,

I was operated for Appendix when I was a little girl. The doctor who operated me told my parents that I would not have a child after marriage.I got married in 2008.I offered ten thousand praises to the Lord using your book Now I am pregnant.Praise be to God

Sr.Sharmila - Chennai
Dear Pastor,

We dind'nt have a child for 5 Years after our marriage. In the Year 2004 my wife conceived and gave birth a male baby in the ninth month. But the baby was already dead. Once again she conceived in the year 2005. But on the 3rd month it got aborted. We felt very sad. We could'nt go out any where. In the Year 2006 my wife conceived for the 3rd time. We asked our uncle to pray for us. He prayed and gave your book ( A Thousand Praise Offerings ). I took my wife to a very good hospital and there the Doctor advised her to be at bed rest. Every time before going to the Doctor I used to say the Thousand Praises and i used to keep the book always in my shirt pocket. I and my wife used to say 100 or 200 Praises in our Family Prayer. On the 5th month, my wife had severe pain. We took her to the Doctor,and the Doctor said there is no movement of the baby. We felt very sad. I prayed for a miracle to happen. Then another doctor came and declared after testing that the baby is normal. Praise God. God has blessed us with beautiful boy baby in the Year 2007.

A. Stephen & S. Mercy - Bangalore

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Pastor E.Wycliff David is the Second son born to the godly parents late.J.Ebenezer David and Mrs Esther Ebenezer. He and his borther pastor E.Rajan David and sister E.Sarah were grown in a religious atmosphere in a Christian compound (American Advent Mission compound, Chennai-India).Read more